What is it? a wipe that cleans your headlights

What does it claim? that you will have crystal clear headlights in just seconds, plus your headlights will be guaranteed to pass inspection for the life of your vehicle!

Who tested it? Southern Auto Group salesman Chris Decker

What Are The Instructions? The first thing you need to do is determine whether or not you need to use the Professional Lens Polishing Pad on your headlights. To do that, just pour water onto your headlight lens. The way the lens looks when it's wet is the way it will appear once treated with Wipe New. If it's cloudy when wet, you need to use the pad.

Once your headlights are wet, use the green side of the Lens Polishing Pad to sand the headlight and remove oxidation. Make sure the lens stays wet while you are using the pad. The oxidation that comes off will appear as a brownish color.

Next re-wet the headlight lens and use the gray side of the Professional Lens Polishing Pad to further polish the headlight lens.

Now, you need to thoroughly dry the lens with the microfiber towel that comes with the kit. Inspect the lens to make sure oxidation has been removed. If it hasn't, repeat the steps involved with the Professional Lens Polishing Pad on any missed spots.

When you can see through the lens while it's wet, you are ready to apply Wipe New. Be sure that you headlight lens are fully dry before you proceed to this step. Next put on the chemical resistant gloves that come with the kit and make sure you are in a well-ventilated area. Now you're ready to tear open your Wipe-It packet. Pull out the applicator cloth and carefully wipe the lens one time. Be careful not to get the wipe on any of the paint. If you are treating multiple lenses, be sure to do it before the Wipe-It cloth dries out. When you're done, be sure to set the applicator cloth in a location that is out of the reach of children and allow it to dry completely prior to discarding. That will probably take a few hours.

The headlights will be dry to the touch in about an hour. Do not allow treated lenses to come in contact with direct moisture, like rain or dew, for 24 hours.

Did it work? Decker very impressed. He says people usually have to pay a lot of money to get their headlight cleaned well. He also found the process to be pretty easy too. The one thing he didn't like was the smell of the Wipe-It cloth. But he said being outside in a well ventilated area did help to diffuse the smell some and he said the results were just amazing.

Cost/Availability? We purchased Wipe New Headlight Restorer at Walmart for $10.

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