Attention Target shoppers! Target has posted a notice on its website asking customers not to bring guns into its stores, even in communities where it is permitted by law. The retailer says it is looking to create an atmosphere that is 'safe and inviting for our guests and team members.' Gun rights advocates have recently made headlines bringing weapons into Target stores to demonstrate their right to carry firearms.

The price of making beer is on the rise, especially for micro-brews. That's because the price of hops is going up and craft beers use more hops than regular beers. The good news: the price increase has not been passed on to consumers. That's because the craft beer industry is extremely competitive and no one wants to take a chance on losing customers to higher prices.

Think you make a good cup of coffee? Well, we may have the job for you. It seems Apple headquarters is looking for someone who can brew a good cup of coffee and keep the coffeemaker machines running. But in true Apple style instead of calling this position a 'barista', Apple is calling the job an 'iCup technician.'
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