NORFOLK-- 81-year-old Ophelia Marcus believes gun violence is out of control after a stray bullet struck her inside her home.

'They've just got to do something with these guns. There are too many guns out here,' she stressed.

Marcus was standing behind her front door, when a bullet came flying through her screen piercing her arm.

'I didn't know I was shot until my hand started burning like someone had put fire on my hand.'

She said if she were sitting in her chair, she might have been killed. 'I wouldn't be here today if I hadn't gotten out of that chair.'

Marcus is one of 15 people shot in Norfolk during the 4th of July weekend. Police have made 5 arrests, but detectives won't give any more details.

Officers are increasing patrols in the Diggs Town area, and Chief Michael Goldsmith is asking for the community's help. 'We need the assistance of our citizens to combat the gun violence that is affecting our streets and harming our youth.'

At 81-years-old, Marcus said this is her first real injury. While she forgives whoever fired the shot, she still wants justice. 'I want him to pay for his crime. It's bad and it's wrong.'

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