CAPE CHARLES- Cape Charles Town Manager Heather Arcos has tendered her resignation, effective Sept. 12.

'Another opportunity has been made available to me,' she said, working in the family's agriculture business a move that will allow her to spend more time with her 11-year-old son.

Arcos was a 10-year veteran in the town offices serving five years as assistant to then-town manager Cela Burge, before stepping up to fill the chief executive's role in 2009. Her current salary is $81,633.

'In the brief time I have worked with Heather, I have come to have a high regard for her ability,' said Mayor Charles Proto, who was elected in May.

'She has helped to guide the town through many changes, and as a consequence, Cape Charles is positioned for a strong future,' he said.

But the town has also seen discord in recent years. The sale of the former Cape Charles high school to a developer for $10 began a chain of events that kept the town embroiled in controversy and in court as a grass-roots organization attempted to stop the project from moving forward.

Arcos, who grew up in Cape Charles, calls the departure 'bittersweet,' saying the town staff is 'one of the best you could ask for.'

The timing, she said, is good for her and for the town because of the completion of a number of infrastructure projects including construction of a wastewater treatment plant, repair of the fishing pier that was damaged during Hurricane Sandy, acquisition of a new building for the town library and conversion of the former library building into a civic center.

'We have built a solid foundation for growth and economic development,' she said. 'I hope the next town manager will continue those efforts for many years to come.'

The town council has not yet discussed the process or timeline for replacing Arcos.

'She will most certainly be missed, and I wish her continued success,' Proto said.

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