What is it? an alcohol free mouthwash that comes in two parts that must be mixed together before using

What does it claim? to eliminate and prevent bad breath for 12 hours after each rinse. You can use it before you go to bed and wake up with fresh breath.

Who tested it? Virginia Beach resident Barbara Vickers

What are the instructions? It's for adults and children 6 and older. For best results, rinse twice daily after brushing and flossing.

First, remove the caps and tamper-evident seals from both bottles. Insert the pumps into bottles and turn counterclockwise to unlock. Pump 4 times from each bottle into the enclosed mixing cup. Make sure they are equal amounts. Immediately and vigorously rinse for 30-60 seconds, gargle and spit out.

Did it work? Vickers thought it did. At her work, she greets guests as they arrive, so she wants to make sure her breath is always fresh. She usually brushes her teeth after lunch,but she used Smart Mouth for us in the morning.After a lunchthat hadonions, she still felt like her breath was fresh. It even passed the smell test. She especially liked the fact that Smart Mouth doesn't contain alcohol so it didn't burn when she used it.

Cost/Availability? We purchased Smart Mouth for $10.97 at Wal-mart.

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