What is it? a plastic organizer for your spices and more that fits right in your cabinet and slides out and turns for easy viewing

What does it claim? to store all your spices in only four inches of space

Who tested it? Virginia Beach resident Rebecca Perrel

What Are The Instructions? There's no assembly required and it's pretty easy to operate. First, be sure the Swivel Store is in the closed position. Then load items or containers into the Swivel Store.

It's important to distribute the items evenly between both the bottom and top racks. Keep the larger/heavier items in the back of the unit to avoid tipping. If the unit is not completely full during use, always make sure your items are placed at the back of the unit.

Now you're ready to place the Swivel Store unit on a shelf or in a cabinet with a depth and height of at least 11 inches. Allowi at least 4 inches of clearance on each side.

To use the Swivel Store, pull out the rack slowly and carefully swivel to access items. Hold the rack carefully when pulling it out from the base. Turn the rack completely before taking out the item to prevent the unit from tipping or breaking.

It's important that you only pull one rack out at a time.

Then just return the rack to the closed position when your done using it.

Did it work? Our tester was really amazed. Her spices were all taking up the bottom shelf of a cabinet. Once she put them all in the Swivel Store, she was able to clear out the shelf and store all of her spices in just four inches of space like promised. She also liked that when she pulled out the shelves and swiveled them around, she could see all the spices right there. It made it a lot easier for her to pick one out and saved her time as well.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Swivel Store for $19.99 at area Walgreens stores.

Additional Comments:
Swivel Store can also be used to organize pills and medication, craft and art supplies and garage clutter.

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