NORFOLK-- You don't typically see a city parking meter inside a private condo lot, but one went up inside St. Paul's Place off Freemason Avenue this week, and agitated residents asked 13News to find out why.

'It says very clearly on the sign that it's private parking for St. Paul's Place. That should be enough I would think,' said resident Jaime King.

The stretch of curb inside the lot is owned by the city, but the meter wasn't their idea.

City spokesperson Lori Crouch said that a member of the condo association requested the meter after having trouble controlling parking in the lot.

13News talked to association manager Chris O'Hare on the phone Tuesday, and he says the board made plans to present several 'compromise options' to the city. He was surprised to hear the meter had already gone up.

When asked why the city was so quick to comply with the request, Crouch said that they will look into what other options were considered.

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