NORFOLK - Bring your kids out to the Hampton Roads Naval Museum for a fun night playing and learning about a variety of different Navy board and video games.

On Wednesday, June 19, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., the free informal evening will include a game competition and complimentary refreshments provided by the Hampton Roads Naval Historical Foundation.

Video games including 'Top Gun', 'Silent Service', 'Carrier Aces', and 'Super Battleship'. Or, play more modern video games, such as: '1942: Joint Strike', and 'Battle Stations Midway'.

There is also the opportunity for families to play Human Battleship on a 100 square foot board.

Learn how video games play a major part in the shaping of modern history through a temporary exhibit which highlights the history of the U.S. Navy and video games, going back to the early innovations of the arcade generation up to present day.

Matt Eng, Hampton Roads Naval Museum Educator stated, 'I wanted to do video game night because of my love for video games, and my appreciation for them as well. Video games are not just a form of entertainment. At the base level, they are educational tools and works of art. All these aspects will be highlighted on the night of June 19 under the lens of American naval service. Video games that feature the U.S. Navy are important to the collective memory and public understanding of military service.'

Reservations are required and may be made by calling 757-322-3108.

Click here for the Hampton Roads Naval Museum Website.

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