CHESAPEAKE--For 11 months, Amber Nolan has been flying from state to state by hitching rides on general aviation planes and private jets.

Virginia is number 27 on her quest to see all 50 states.

'The longest flight I've had was my first from Rochester, New York to Nashville, Tennessee- four hours. And the shortest flight was in Georgia- seven minutes.'

When money runs low, Amber picks up odd jobs to keep her going. She was once down to 16 cents when she flew into Florida.

'Never again, that was cutting it too close,' said Nolan.

At 2 p.m. Amber hitched a ride at Hampton Roads Executive Airport in Chesapeake to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. That is halfway to Rochester, New York where she will attend her sister's high school graduation.

'I hope I never have to fly commercial again,' concluded Nolan.

The journalism school graduate is blogging about her quest and plans to write a book when finished.

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