HAMPTON - Sparklers, firecrackers, fountains and rockets. You might see them for sale at roadside stands or in stores in Hampton Roads, but they're illegal in most places.

That doesn't stop people from setting them off at their houses to celebrate the Fourth of July.

'Every year, I hear some regardless,' says Sharon Leonard.

Get caught and you face a fine - as much as $12,000 and/or up to a year in jail.

The main concern, fire officials say, is safety.

'Some fuses burn quicker than others. Sometimes, its a novice approach for something that's made for serious business. We don't want to get anybody needlessly hurt because of fireworks,' said Scott Doggett with the Hampton Fire Department.

He warns people that officers with the fire marshal's office and the police department will be riding around looking - and listening - for fireworks.

Doggett suggests going to one of the displays put on by various cities if you want your fireworks fix.

Personal use of fireworks is also banned in many North Carolina localities.

Click here to learn about the different types of fireworks.

Fire officials will confiscate illegal fireworks and they'll be disposed of in a safe location.

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