NORFOLK-Families are being warned about a rise in home burglaries in the northeast part of Norfolk.

'I believe this is a trend around the city,' civic league president Taylor Gould said.

Police crime maps show nearly 30 of burglaries this month in the Fairmount Park, Bayview, Ballentine Place and Northside neighborhoods. Most of the victims live in neighborhoods near Tidewater Drive and Chesapeake Blvd. Reports indicate someone knocks on a door and, if no one answers, that person or persons goes to the back of the house and tries to break in.

'We've had folks tell us people go around asking to mow yards, but they are really scoping out places to break in. People have called because their grass was short, and the men don't have mowers with them,' Gould explained.

Police are asking families to turn on alarm systems, and hope neighbors will look out for each other and call 911 if they see anyone suspicious.

Norfolk has an online community crime map so you can check to see where crime is happening near you.

Reported burglaries Summer 2013
Fairmount Park:
June: 2
July: 5
August: 10

June 9
July: 8
August: 9

Ballentine Place:
June: 2
July: 3
August: 5

June: 6
July: 8
August: 5

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