BURBANK, Ca. - A couple's quick actions may have saved a child's life.

Konrad and Jennifer Lightner were moving out of their apartment in Burbank, California Sunday when the spotted the toddler dangling out a window. They grabbed their mattress and box springs and placed them so they would break the child's fall.

KTRK-TV reported that the couple say the toddler and his sister throwing their toys out the window and then saw the toddler throw his leg over the window sill.

The three-year-old was taken to the hospital to be checked out and, amazingly, he didn't have any major injuries.

The boy's parents said they're grateful to the Lightners.

KTRK also reports the couple had gotten stuck in the elevator for about 30 minutes. They said if that hadn't happened, they wouldn't been at their apartment and in the right place to get the youngster.

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