General Motors new CEO Mary Barra is back on Capitol Hill today. She's telling lawmakers that her 'new GM' is different from the 'old GM' that delayed recalling faulty cars for years.

Speaking of the American auto industry, last month was a good month, despite numerous recalls. It seems shoppers are taking advantage of low rates. Sales rose across the board -- even troubled GM was up more than four percent from last year. Ford was up more than three percent and the Chrysler Auto Group saw an increase of 13 percent.

Apple is reportedly set to begin production on the so-called iPhone six next month. It's expected to come in two screen sizes. You can look for it to go on sale in the Fall.

If you've been missing the cake slices at Starbucks, you are in luck. Thanks to an outcry from customers, the slices are back. The items were being eased out by pricier baked goods. The cake slices are coming back with something different, a higher price tag.

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