FORT EUSTIS - The embraces of dozens greeted 48 soldiers who returned from Kuwait Monday night.

The 53rd Transportation Battalion spent 9 months overseas.

'Any DOD personnel that moved within Kuwait, we had our fingerprints on it,' explained Lieutenant Commander Stephen Ledbetter. 'We coordinated all the ground movement, all of the sea movement. We coordinated with Kuwaiti, host nation, armed escorts for all the DOD movements, and it was absolutely a great mission.'

'To God be the Glory. To God be the Glory. I'm just so happy,' said Gerri Norman, whose son, Sergeant Norris Williams was among the returning soldiers.

'Just relaxation. That's what's next for me,' Williams told 13News Now. 'The love and camaraderie with my family.'

Sergeant Chasity Hutton also put spending time with her family on her priority list. That, and digging into a container of treats.

'Chocolate Oreo Truffles. One of my soldiers, Sergeant Eastteam, his wife used to send this down range, and we just attacked them,' Hutton said. 'You kind of come back and you reset and then you get prepared to go again, so you know, as long as there's something going in the world, there's something going on for a transporter, so that's what we do.'

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