VIRGINIA BEACH -- The Virginia Beach pharmacy where David Kilgore was gunned down reopened on Wednesday.Police say he was shot by Walter Hubbard during an attempted robbery at Beach Pharmacy to get drugs.

Patty Lewis, a two-year customer, says she switched over to Kilgore on a recommendation.

'When Rite-Aid was here at the Beach, that was my pharmacy and when they closed down for construction, somehow I didn't realize that he opened his own pharmacy. My mother was in the hospital and one of the techs was working there and she told me about David, so I immediately changed over to him,' she said.

Lewis said as soon as she heard about the shooting, she ran to a nearby gas station fearing the worst.

'I ran in there and they told me that it was David who'd been shot. I've been upset ever since. It's the first thing I think about when I wake up,' Lewis said.

On Wednesday, the community came out to love and support by placing flowers and filling prescriptions. Many of them were still overwhelmed with emotion and cried while exiting the pharmacy.

Lewis said Kilgore was a wonderful, caring and genuine human being. She commended his family for reopening the store and making sure his dream lived on.

'I think the family and the staff is amazing to have returned here so quickly and I know he'd be very proud,' said Lewis.

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