Walmart is entering the auto insurance business. The retailer is partnering with, a site that pulls your existing policy and lets you compare rates across companies. This is just another way Walmart says it is trying to offer affordable financial services to its customers. It's only available in a few states right now. Walmart plans to roll it out nationwide in the coming months.

It seems most of us won't be spending as much on mom this Mother's Day. The average American is expected to shell out $163, down $6 from last year. The total spending is expected to reach around $20 billion and gift cards are expected to be the big seller.

Speaking of spending money:Gillette has a new razor that is going to cost you some cash. AT $11.49, the 'Fusion Pro-Glide Flex Ball' is one of the most expensive razors on the market. For that price, it's suppose to miss 20% fewer hairs.

Here's an interesting new product we found on Kick Starter. It's called 'lunecase.' It lights up when your iPhone receives a call or text. The cool part is instead of using battery power, the 'lunecase' uses the energy that your phone emits.

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