VIRGINIA BEACH -- Early Sunday, people who drove by or stopped at the Lakeville Shopping Center on Indian River Road may have noticed the sidewalk littered with glass and a business vandalized.

It was the aftermath of a fight that took place in the parking lot at about 2:00 a.m. When police got there, they found someone with an injury to his head.

'It's a sad situation,' said Regina Koda who knows the owner of the damaged business. 'She's in her 80s, and she's never had any problems, so it's a very sad thing that she's going to have to come here this morning and face this crime.'

The fight took place in the parking lot of the shopping center near Tropical Delights Restaurant and Lounge, where someone shot a security guard last month. He died days later. Police still are looking for Andrew Roberts in connection with the murder.

Officers arrested two people after the incident Sunday morning, but did not say if the arrests were related to the assault. They could not say if those people or the people involved in the fight were at Tropical Delights before the brawl started.

'It is a disturbance in the neighborhood, and it affects all the people that come to the stores,' said Koda. 'Hopefully they will put a check on the club, because there's a time when they need to stop and say no.'

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