At 5'9", 190 pounds Perry Jones is built like a high school linebacker.

He plays running back like one, too. He gets to the hole fast and packs a punch when he gets there.

Jones wins our Athlete of the Week honors for the big numbers he put up last weekend. Oscar Smith rolled 46-14 against a pretty good team in Indian River. Jones was responsible for 313 yards in the night. 228 of those yards came on the ground where he also scored 2 touchdowns.

Jones caught 2 passes for 58 yards and just for good measure also threw a touchdown pass that went for 27 yards. And, by the way, he does play linebacker as well.

When you're looking at the Perry Jones highlights on he'll be wearing #33. However, some of the plays are from the opening game of the season when Jones wore #26 in honor of his fallen teammate Lonnie Andrews.

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