CHESAPEAKE Electrical repairs continue at the Gilmerton Bridge in Chesapeake. And even though progress is being made, the span will remain closed through the Wednesday rush hour, city public works officials said.

The span over the southern branch of the Elizabeth River was shut down Saturday when construction crews severed underwater cables that control the power and controls.

On Tuesday, VDOTsaid crews have foundboth separated cables beneath the bridge and are in the process of splicing them, testing them and securing them.

The City of Chesapeake issued a travel alert Tuesday afternoon, saying'A second submarine cable has beenrepaired,however the bridge is still not functioning properly. Gilmerton Bridge will remain closed through tonight and at least a portion ofWednesday.'

Commuters shouldusean alternate route home - the I-64 High Rise Bridge or Downtown Tunnel.

VDOT is managing the Gilmerton Bridge replacement project, which began in November 2009 and is due to be completed in October 2013.

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