NORFOLK The number of diabetes cases is expected to double by 2050, health experts predict.

Eating better can help everyone, not just diabetics.

Because November is Diabetes Awareness Month, Eastern Virginia Medical School's Strelitz Diabetes Center is partnering with Todd Jurich's Bistro, a Norfolk restaurant, to help make eating out a little healthier.

'We've always taken a healthy approach anyway, so it was really easy for us to,' Jurich said.

He says healthy food can taste good, like the pumpkin and crab soup, by cooking techniques or by using spices and herbs versus using fats and sugars.

Phyllis Woodson, the certified diabetes educator at the EVMS Strelitz Diabetes Center, helped develop the recipes.

She says simple changes can make a difference like using skim milk instead of cream, or olive oil instead of butter.

'Work to get the fat down also to keep the salt down,' she says.

Jurich says this is particularly important this year for him to be involved becausehis brother-in-law was diagnosed with diabetes last year.

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