NEWPORT NEWS -- Lynn Warness still has a tree piercing through the roof of her garage, thanks to Hurricane Irene.

She lives in a house on Green Oaks Road in Newport News with her mother. Warness is upset that the settlement from her insurance company won't cover the damage.

She received $1,292 from Progressive for what she says is about $7,000 - $10,000 in damage. Minus her $4,000 deductible, her estimates show she's still about $3,000 short.

'We got a tree going right through the roof. There's all this water damage on the inside of the garage, explained Warness. That's in addition to a damaged fence and trim on her house.

13News contacted Progressive to see if Warness has any recourse. Spokesperson Leah Knapp says, Warness can dispute the settlement by getting an independent appraiser to assess the damage. She explains the $1,292 doesn't have to be the final figure. If the appraiser comes up with a damage figure higher than the settlement, Progressive will pay up.

Knapp says, 'There are times when the estimates from the adjustor and the contractor vary because they have differing opinions on the scope of the damage. In those instances, they can work together to try and reach a compromise.'

Warness plans to begin the process.

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