SUFFOLK-- Thousands of Christmas wreaths are now decorating the Albert G. Horton Veterans cemetery.

'Everyone has a heart for everyone.' When Belinda Green came to visit her husband's grave, she was touched to see the decorations.

The Horton Wreath Society collected $34,000 in donations to lay more than 4,000 wreaths. It's all to honor veterans. 'I'm retired Navy, so the military is close to my heart. It's an honor and privilege to come out here and pay tribute to veterans,' John Watso explained.

This is the 5th year the Society has raised funds to honor our veterans and fallen heroes. The Society strives to educate our youth to remember the sacrifices, respect our veterans, and educate future generations.

Send a donation to Horton Wreath Society Treasurer, 1401 Trapelo Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23456. Checks can be made out to the Horton Wreath Society.

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