VIRGINIA BEACH-- Underneath Harper Woods' heart decorated bib, her own heart is missing a pumping chamber.

Harper's father, Danny Woods, is a Virginia Beach firefighter and explains that Harper has to have two open heart surgeries to reroute the blood flow away from her over-worked heart and into her lungs.

'We found out at 20 weeks gestation. We found out she was a girl and that there were some things missing,' says Danny.

Harper was born with one kidney smaller than the other and there are also signs of scoliosis developing in her mid-back. Danny says that unfortunately, there is no time to deal with those issues right now.

As hard as it has been for Danny and his wife Whitney to accept their baby's condition, it has been even harder to accept help.

If you join Harper Woods' Facebook page. you'll see item after item donated for her fundraiser on March 16, at Swell Restaurant in Virginia Beach.

For now they're looking at the immediate goal - get through the first surgery on a little girl who looks completely content on the outside.

'What you see is what you get. She's such a happy baby. We're taking it one day at a time,' said Danny.

Harper is under the care of Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists out of Eastern Virginia Medical School who operate at CHKD and Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.

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