VIRGINIA BEACH-- More than 20,000 honey bees had to be removed from inside the Virginia Beach home of Cheryll and Rick Klobuchar Monday.

The bees set up an extensive colony in the couple's dining room ceiling after entering through a small hole in their brickwork.

'I was trimming bushes Memorial Day weekend and happened to look up when I saw the bees,' Cheryll said.

Rather than spraying the bees with pesticides, the Klobuchar's asked the Tidewater Beekeepers Association to remove the swarm unharmed.

'In Virginia, we've lost 30 percent of our bees over the last 5 years. That's three out of 10 colonies that have died,' explains Frank Walker from Norfolk Beekeepers.

Walker points out that the colony collapse has decimated the honeybee population in the United States and has made it more difficult for our country to grow its own food.

'Honey bees do more than just make honey. Most of your fruits and vegetables are pollinated by honeybees,' says Walker.

Using a modified vacuum, Walker and two other beekeepers captured thousands of the bees, including the queen, who was center of it all.

The honeycombs were preserved and placed in a bee colony box using rubber bands. That box and all of the bees were given to a local member of the Beekeepers Association to manage.

If you have a swarm in or near your house, you can contact your local Beekeeping Association, which will remove them for free.

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