NORFOLK-- A family found themselves outside in the cold Christmas Eve thanks to a house fire.

The fire broke out around 6:45 pm in the 300 block of Middlesex Street in South Norfolk.

'I really don't know,' said Esther Knight, 'I was laying down taking a nap and the house started smoking. The smoke started coming from the attic so apparently the furnace caught on fire and caught onto the insulation and went up to the attic.'

Knight says she knew right away her house was on fire.

Firefighters wasted little time putting out the flames They gathered the Christmas gifts and salvaged whatever else they could for the family.

Knight says firefighters red tagged her furnace... And turned off the electricity... meaning Knight, her two children and 6-month old grandson could not stay there.

But you won't find anyone crying tears of sorrow.......

'I feel blessed because we're alive,' said Knight, 'some material things can be replaced but we can't.'

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