VIRGINIA BEACH -- Another huge event that's affected by the Virginia Beach City Public School Saturday snow make-up day is the Virginia is for Lovers 14K.

It's an annual race that attacts more than 3,000 runners, but the race was planned for Saturday, Feb. 15; one of several make-up days announced for the public schools.

On Friday, race organizers scrambled to come up with a solution. They opted to move the race day from Saturday to Sunday.

'The biggest challenge I think for us is the out-of-town folks who have flights and hotels who need to make arrangements,' said Amy Frostick of J&A Racing.

The race involves using some schools and closing roads which is something that can't be done if school is in session.

Frostick added if runners can't make the race, they can use their entry fee for a future race instead.

One Virginia Beach mother who plans to run in the race with members of her family said she wasn't pleased when school officials decided to add Saturday school sessions. Vicky Manning knew days had to be made up, but she wished other options were explored.

'When I found out Feb. 15 was the first day, I was little disappointed,' Manning said. 'It was really only an 8 days heads up notice for the parents, teachers and school employees...I felt that didn't give folks enough time to plan properly.'

If school officials do decide to overturn the Saturday school decision, race organizers say they have no intentions of rescheduling for a second time and will move forward with the Sunday race.

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