CHESAPEAKE -- Drainage issues are causing flooding in one Chesapeake neighborhood.

According to city spokesman Heath Covey, the flooding on Bruce Road was caused by a clogged catch basin, which led to overflowing in the drainage system after a heavy rain. Much like in a bathroom sink, when you get a hair clog.

High water impeded drivers and at one point the narrow stretch of two lane road was down to a single lane.

'It was a problem,' said Charlie Ferguson, president of the nearby Miars Plantation Homeowners Association.

Chesapeake Public Works addressed the problem Wednesday and started cleaning out the drain. They plan to redesign the grate to improve the situation.

There is a proposed project in the new capital improvement budget to make changes to Bruce Road related to alignments, signals and shoulders.

'The city did a decent job cleaning up a messy situation. We really need improvements here for the future,' Ferguson said.

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