YORK COUNTY -- This time of year many localities in Hampton Roads are trying to get new budgets approved. York County is no exception.

At public hearing Thursday night, about two dozen people made an unusual request - asking for a tax increase. Many of them were teachers who want the money to go for raises.

Laurel Garrelts, president of the York County PTA, spoke at the meeting saying the increase is needed so the School Board can afford to give teachers raises and to reduce classroom sizes. Garrelts said she couldn't speak for all parents but that she represented many of them with children in York Co. Public Schools.

'We're ready for it. We understand that's what it takes at this point to get what to where we need to be,' she said.

Since the meeting, Don Wiggins, the chairman of the York County Board of Supervisors, says he's received just as many calls from people saying they don't want any a tax hike.

'The elderly, people on fixed incomes, people who don't have jobs-- all of these people are hurt by a tax rate increase, especially in times like they are now,' said Wiggins.

This year, York County didn't increase the real estate tax rate. It had increased the race two years in a row.

Click here for the school division's FY15 Operating Budget Status Update page, which was updated today with a letter from the School Board vice-chair to the vice-chair of the Board of Supervisors.

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