NORFOLK -- Electronic cigarettes are now banned at all Norfolk schools.

The move comes after a new Virginia law that took effect July 1 making it illegal for vendors to sell electronic cigarettes to people under the age of 18; minors cannot possess them either.

The Virginia School Boards Association recommends that all local school boards add a policy to prohibit e-cigs on school buses, school property, and at after-school activities or sponsored events.

While districts aren't required to adopt the new rule, the Norfolk school board voted to add the policy this week.

13News Now contacted all local school division media officials to see if they're considering banning the devices as well. York County and Hampton school officials say they've already adopted the new policy.

Isle of Wight plans to add the new e-cig ban to the student handbook for the next school year.

Suffolk says they consider e-cigarettes to be a violation of their tobacco violation policy and have banned them based on that. They say they're also in the process of developing a formal policy.

Chesapeake explicitly bans electronic cigarettes as part of their ban on all tobacco and tobacco-related products.

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