There's some good news for drivers. You're paying less at the pump. In fact, gas prices are the lowest they've been at the start of August in four years. The average price of a gallon of regular unleaded now stands at $3.51 nationally. That's down 15 cents from Independence Day. Here in Hampton Roads, that price is even lower at $3.37 a gallonand experts say we could be paying even less by Fall.

Employers seem to be more confident in the economic recovery with stronger job gains now spreading to middle and higher wage industries. Employment in industries like business services, construction and manufacturing have outpaced lower-wage sectors. That's a shift from last year when job growth was concentrated in lower-paying sectors like restaurants and home health care.

Here's some news kids are going to like and parents may find difficult to believe. A new study says playing video games can be good for you! British researchers found that kids who play video games two to three hours a week tend to be better adjusted. But too much time spent playing video games can be bad for a child's mental and social health.
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