What is it? a slicing machine with a built in catch container and an easy glide handle

What does it claim? to slice your prep time in half by slicing entire fruits and vegetables effortlessly in seconds.

Who tested it? Amanda Hamp, a nutritional coach and personal trainer who does a lot of chopping and slicing of fruits and vegetables.

What Are The Instructions? The Slice-O-Matic needs to be washed before you use it. Once that's done, first attach the food chute to the main body and now you're ready to start slicing.

You can place the item your cutting into the opening on the top of the food chute. Gently push the easy-glide handle down to begin slicing. Do not hold or push the cucumber down. If you need to you can use the press that comes with the Slice-O-Matic to help push the items down closer to the blade to make sure all of it gets cut without getting your fingers.

To remove slices from the catch container, you need to first slide the locks on each side of the Slice-O-Matic back until they are showing red. Then remove the catch container by grabbing the Main Body of the Slice-O-Matic and gently lifting up and off. Now you can remove your slices from the catch container.

To adjust the slicing thickness. all you have to do is unlock and detach the Main Body and the Catch Container. The gray adjustment bar is located on the underside of the Main Body. For a thicker slice, slide the bar to the right. For a thinner slice, slide to the left. Once the desired thickness is chosen, lock the dial in place by sliding the right half of the bar from the left.

To remove the slicing blade, make sure the catch container is removed. Then find the lock on the back of the blade and slide it to the unlocked position. Grab the plastic back of the blade, lift it up and gently slide it out. To reinstall, carefully slide the blade into the main body.

The Slice-O-Matic is not dishwasher safe and must be hand washed after every use. To do that, you must remove the Food Chute from the Main Body by pressing in on the tabs on both sides and lifting up. Carefully remove blades and soak them in warm soapy water. Rinse and allow them to dry thoroughly. Wash the Main Body, Food Chute and the Catch Container in warm soapy water and towel dry before storage.

Did it work? Our tester was not impressed at all. She found the instructions very difficult to follow and the pictures didn't seem to match up. She said Slice-O-Matic did an okay job on her cucumber once she moved the slicing blade to 'thick.' But she didn't really see a need to add it to her collection of kitchen items. She said she felt a sharp knife would do a better job and it's less clean up.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Slice-O-Matic for $19.88 at area Wal-mart stores.

Additional Comments:
The Slice-O-Matic also comes with a julienne blade. But our tester had so much trouble trying to make the regular blade work that she decided against even attempting to use it.

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