VIRGINIA BEACH --- A tweet from one Virginia Beach resident was all it took to convince Food Network's Alton Brown to help find a new home for a local dog.

Linda Shaw wanted to enlist Brown's help to adopt a local rescue Corgi named Dale.

'My first thought was that Alton Brown has Corgi's,' said Shaw. 'I didn't think anything would happen from it, but the next thing I know he's tweeting back.'

Shaw first spotted the adoption request on Facebook. Pauline Cushman at Hope For Life Rescue off First Colonial Road was looking to find Dale a permanent home.

'I opened up my email Tuesday morning and had hundreds of applications,' said Cushman. 'Everything was going crazy.'

Alton Brown currently has more than 500,000 followers on twitter, and many of them reached out to the Virginia Beach shelter from all over the country.

In one of his many tweets to the shelter, Brown said he would bake dog treats and personally deliver them to whomever adopted Dale.

Within hours, the shelter was able to find the dog a new home. A family in Suffolk plans to pick him up Saturday.

'We are so grateful that Alton Brown picked this up,' Cushman said. 'It's opened up a new door for us.'

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