General Motors is facing some tough scrutiny from federal prosecutors. The Justice Department is looking into whether GM is criminally liable for not properly disclosing troubles with some of its vehicles. The investigation is part of a larger look at GM's handling of faulty ignition switches that are linked to 31 accidents and 13 deaths.

Some California CVS stores are facing trouble. The company could have to pay as much as $29 million in fines for allegedly losing track of more than 37,000 prescription painkillers at four of its California pharmacies.

Target appears to be losing shoppers following the credit data breach during the holiday season. The latest numbers show the retailer's customer traffic has hit its lowest point in three years. 33% of households shopped at Target in January. That's down from 43% for the same time last year. The biggest decline came from 'Gen-X shoppers.' Those are shoppers between the ages of 32 and 49. Their visits fell from 53% last year to just 38% this year.

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