NORFOLK -- Officials with the Virginia Department of Forestry have unveiled a new web portal that will help homeowners and communities determine their wildfire risk.

The Southern Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal, or SouthWRAP, enables users in Virginia and 12 other southern states to identify wildfire threats based on landscape characteristics, historical fire occurrence, weather conditions and terrain. It also routes users to resources that can help them implement wildfire prevention practices.

SouthWRAP is a web portal that grants public access to risk assessment data that previously hasn't been readily available. The tool is free to use.

'This can and should be a 'pivot point' for Virginians as they learn what their risks are and how to mitigate them. SouthWRAP is a tool that neighbor can pass on to neighbor making every community in Virginia a safer place in which to live,' said VDOF director of resource protection John Miller.

To access the portal, visit

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