VIRGINIABEACH -- Fire units were called to the scene of an accident involving a Jet Ski in waters off of Spigel Dr., which is itself off of Great Neck Rd. in Virginia Beach

Aspokesperson said two adult women were injured.

One person's injury is described as traumatic, and the other as a burn injury.

We're told one was trying to start the jet ski when it caught fire. One woman was injured in the ensuing explosion and the other woman was hurt when she went to her friend's aid.

'I heard a sudden loud explosion that sounded like a bomb, and it rocked me in my easy chair watching television,' said neighbor Kathleen Winston, who also shared pictures of the aftermath with 13News Now.

'It was a loud boom. It sounded like a bomb - it was that loud of a noise,' Lance Shores, another neighbor, told us. 'I looked out the window and I saw a huge plume of smoke and fire - about 20-feet tall,'he said.

Shores ran to the women's rescue. He says the woman ho was on the Jet Ski was covered in gasoline.

'She said she was blown up in the air and landed, and that's when she hurt her back,'Shores said. 'She's fortunate she wasn't burned. The lady helping her was the one who was burned. '

Shores told us that after the explosion, the scene continued to be dangerous because the wind was blowing the gas and the flames in the women's direction.

Both women were taken to the hospital, but their injuries are not considered life threatening.

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