9 p.m. UPDATE: Special arrangements were made for all families displaced by the tragedy, officials said.The shelter has since been closed.


NORTHAMPTON CO -- 13News Now reporter Joe Flanagan is at Northampton High School, where hundreds of people from Cherrystone Campground are being taken care of.

The mobile unit from the Salvation Army's Hampton Roads chapter will assist in feeding 500 people at the school this evening and are prepared to provide additional support to survivors and first responders.

Sheriff spokesperson Michele Hallett says some sections at the campsite are open to go back and get possessions.

Bob Whealton and his family were thrilled to hear their section called.

'We get to go home to Chesapeake tonight,' Whealton said.

Other areas of the campground remain closed and without power.

The county administrator says Northampton High School will stay open as long as people need it.

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