NORFOLK -- The job of tracking and sharing information on the worldwide relief effort for Haiti is happening on the campus of Old Dominion University.

Within 24 hours of the January 12 earthquake, the NATO Allied Command Transformation Civil-Military Fusion Center was contributing to the cause.

The experts in civilian and military matters search the Internet for information about Haitian relief efforts that are in the public domain.
That information goes into one clearinghouse, the center's website.

They're gathering information on governance, economics, security, infrastructure and more

Amassing information on the Navy alone is alot of work.

The service has brought more than a million pounds of cargo to Haiti, including 87,000 gallons of water, nearly 162 tons of food, 345,400 pounds of medical supplies, 75 tons of support equipment and 3,300 people.

'We're not the front line pulling poeple out, but we're obviously pulling information together so that people understand where the priorities are, where the response has to be,' stated Stuart Kefford, the center's Haiti senior knowledge manager.
The folks involved in Haiti information gathering haven't had a day off since the 7.0 magnitude earthquake.

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