NORFOLK -- A man in business for 50 years in Norfolk went to court Tuesday to stop the forced sale of his company.

Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority wants to use eminent domain laws to get Central Radio on 39th Street, along with four other pieces of property.

The attorney for the property owners said NRHA has no right to take the property for public use because it 'waited until the midnight hour to file a comdemnation suit.'

The City argued that filing the paperwork was essentially the same as acquiring the property.

Land in that area, a public-private partnership called 'The District,' will become a new dormitory for 900 Old Dominion University students, a grocery store, drug store and other businesses.

The master plan developed in the late 1990s was all about acquiring property near the Central Hampton Blvd. District to create and expand ODU's University Village.

The owner of Central Radio said last April thatNRHAoffered $700,000 for the property.

Norfolk Circuit Court Judge Louis Sherman heard arguments Tuesday. He said he'll take the matter under advisement and having a decision in 30 days.

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