CHESAPEAKE -- Court records show that state police are targeting Maurio Anderson for allegedly embezzling $24,166.00 while on the job as a probate clerk.

The Virginia State Police originally received a complaint from the Chesapeake Circuit Court Clerk Faye Mitchell that Anderson was collecting the money but not receipting it.

As a probate clerk, Anderson processed documents from families who were executors or administrators of their loved ones' estates.

She could not provide 13News with more details because it's an active investigation.

Court records show that the Audit of Public Accounts discovered the inconsistencies during a routine audit. It showed that from June 30, 2009 to May 16, 2011, 397 files handled by Anderson were allegedly missing.

13News went to Anderson's home in Norfolk to ask about the allegations but someone who came to the door said Anderson was not home.

Defense attorney Richard Doummar has represented numerous embezzlement suspects in the past and believes that a judge could hold Anderson to a higher standard because he is a public official.

'To go afoul and to use that position entrusted position for their own benefit and gain, I think the courts will look at that factor,' said Doummar.

A Chesapeake city spokesperson said Anderson is no longer a city employee but could not say whether he was fired or quit.

Anderson made $31,282.45 a year as a probate clerk.

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