GLOUCESTER -- A public forum is being held Thursday evening to discuss the future of Page Middle School which was mostly destroyed in the April 16th tornadoes.

The main question is whether they will rebuild on the same site. School officials don't want to make a decision without giving parents and taxpayers a chance to speak out about the issue.

'Page should be rebuilt in the same spot because all of the back roads are there, basically where all the students are and Gloucester County would be spending more money on gas if they moved it to another location,' said Breeanna Harrison.

Dorothy Dick say it's a tough situation. She has one child in elementary school and another in high school.

'I'd rather see a new high school and either rebuild Page or fix it,' said Dick. 'It's tough all around because we only have one high school and now we only have one middle school.'

The forum begins Thursday, June 23 at 7:00 p.m. in the Gloucester High School auditorium.

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