SUFFOLK People in one Suffolk neighborhood are fed up with train noise.

Residents in the Olde Mill Creek area say trains run up and down the tracks day and night, causing cracks in the walls and lowering property values.

Homeowners have started a petition to ask the city to make necessary engineering upgrades so the Federal Railway Administration will designate the area a quiet zone. That way, conductors cannot blow whistles near their homes.

Many residents say they moved to the neighborhood after being told trains with no more than five cars would be passing by. They say in 2006 that the tracks were being converted to mainline tracks, which accommodate 200+ car trains.

In a letter from City Council in June, officials admit they have no money to create quiet zones and have asked Rail Link, the parent company of Commonwealth Railway, about funding the zone.

The letter also states that the FRA may not approve a quiet zone and that Norfolk Southern trains are not bound to comply with a quiet zone. Officials say they've written to the company about helping create quite zones in the area.

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