NORFOLK - The Navy homecomings continued Thursday with the return of four squadrons aboard USS Enterprise.

20 members of the 'Screwtops' of Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 123 are arriving at Chambers Field on four E-2C 'Hawkeye' command and control aircraft.

At NAS Oceana, about 34 aircraft/56 aviators from the 'Red Rippers' of Strike Fighter Squadron 11, the 'Fighting Checkmates' of VFA 211 and the 'Knighthawks' of VFA 136 returned.

On Tuesday, the 'Rawhides' of Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 40, Detachment 1, reunited with family at Naval Station Norfolk Chambers Field.

USS Enterprise and her three support ships USS Leyte Gulf, USS Barry, USS Bulkely will tie up at their piers at Naval Station Norfolk on Friday.

The 4,400 sailors were gone for six months in the Mediterranean and the Arabian Sea.

Carrier Air Wing 1 completed more than 18,693 total flight hours during 7,884 sorties, of which more than 1,400 were combat sorties, and 7,395 arrested landings (4,396 day landings, 2,999 night landings).

During their deployment the air wing participated in Operations Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and New Dawn in Iraq. They delivered a total 17 laser guided bombs and fired more than 1,300 20mm rounds of ammunition in support of coalition ground forces, the Navy said.

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