NORFOLK -- A security guard used pepper spray on students to break up a food fight at Lafayette-Winona Middle School on Tuesday, according to Karen Tanner with Norfolk schools.

Principal Tracey Flemings informed parents in a letter on Wednesday.

'Children who were in the vicinity of the incident, or any who complained of physical symptoms, were examined by the school nurse,' she said.

According to Flemings, a security guard made the decision to use pepper spray to end the food fight.

Flemings said she was working with the division's pupil personnel department to determine whether the use of pepper spray met policy guidelines.

'If we find that the protocols were not followed,' she stated in the letter, 'appropriate steps will be taken to ensure that it does not happen again.'

On Thursday, a Norfolk school spokesperson told 13News that they will continue to allow their security guards to use pepper spray, however, they are trained on how to use it.

Norfolk is the only local school district that allows its guards to use the spray on students.

Lafayette-Winona enrolls sixth, seventh and eighth-graders and is located at 1701 Alsace Ave., near Tidewater Drive.

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