NORFOLK -- For the third time in a week, a school security officer used pepper spray to stop a fight in a Norfolk school.

The most recent case occurred Wednesday at Granby High school.

Norfolk Schools spokeswoman Elizabeth Mather says the guard separated two students who were fighting.

'One student continued to behave aggressively, including striking the security officers who were attempting to calm him down. The officer who ultimately used the OC spray warned the student multiple times that the spray would have to be used unless the aggression stopped,' she stated in an email.

The officer used the spray when the student would not calm down, she said.

No other students were affected by the spray.

The previous cases were Monday at Blair Middle School and late last week during a food fight at Lafayette-Winona Middle School.

Norfolk is the only local school district that allows trained security guards to use pepper spray on students when deemed appropriate.

Alec Garrett, who graduated from Granby last year, says pepper spray has been used before and that security guards use it as a last resort to break up fights. He says he doesn't know why the practice is so controversial now.

Mike Spencer, chief of operations for Norfolk Public Schools, gave 13News statistics on pepper spray use in previous school years:
2010-2011: 6
2009-2010: 17
2008-2009: 13

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