PHILADELPHIA New charges have been filed against a woman accused of holding four disabled people, including a Norfolk man, captive in a Philadelphia basement.

A preliminary hearing was held Monday. Prosecutors started by adding more charges that date back to 2002.

Police say Linda Weston was the ringleader. She is accused of barricading four mentally disabled adults in a basement and abusing them. Her daughter, boyfriend, and friend are also charged.

Prosecutors suspect 51-year-old Weston might have had dozens of adult and child victims.
One of them was Herbert Knowles who grew up in Norfolk. His family said he was missing for several years before he was found in Philadelphia. A landlord stumbled upon the captives in October.

During the hearing, photographs were shown of deep gashes, wounds and scars on many parts of the four mentally disabled adults.

Investigators believe Weston, who once a Norfolk resident herself, had been stealing the victims' Social Security checks.

Officials say Weston had more than 50 Social Security cards, power of attorney documents and similar forms in her possession when she was arrested.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

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