NORFOLK -- Police took tax files, computers, cell phones and other items from six locations of Mo Money Taxes.

Court documents filed in Norfolk Circuit Court show investigators believe the business may have defrauded customers out of money.

Several complainants, identified only by letters, report a number of different issues. They allege, among other things, that tax preparers filed returns without W-2s or used incorrect information, that no information about fees was provided and that Mo Money took large amounts of their refunds.

'IRS said I was approved, like I said, $4500. They gave me $3739. That's $700 some change missing from my check,' said Victoria Green.

Problems with the Tennessee-based company have come to light at locations nationwide.

Rep. Bobby Scott (D-3rd D) and Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Memphis) have asked the US Attorney General to launch an investigation into Mo Money Taxes, given the accusations that have been made.

Chief Executive Officer Markey Granberry denies anything shady has been going on within the company.

'It doesn't matter to me about the BBB or what someone says about what we're doing because we're a strong-minded company. We know what we're doing. We know the tax business and we know how to respond to the customer,' he said.

Meantime, the IRS and Norfolk Police continue their investigations.

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