DARE COUNTY, NC -- Searchers in Dare County, NC were out at 8:00 a.m. Friday, hoping to find a missing Ohio woman.

33-year-old Lynn Jackenheimer of Ashland went to the Outer Banks over the Fourth of July holiday with her ex-boyfriend, Nate Summerfield, and her two children. She didn't return to Ohio with them.

Searchers, including her parents, looked around Salvo on Thursday without any luck.

Friday's search includes some residential areas and some sound- side water edges, Chief Deputy Steve Hoggard told

Summerfield's brother called police to say Summerfield told him he strangled the woman.

Police said Summerfield returned his girlfriend's children to Ohio and left them with his family.

Jackenheimer has been missing since July 4. Police also are looking for Summerfield, who's being described as a person of interest.

Ohio businesses have raised $8,000 as a reward for information in the case.

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