NORFOLK -- In an effort to keep stops clean, Hampton Roads Transit has installed six solar-powered trash cans at bus transfer centers and the Newtown Road light rail station.

Sunlight powers the built-in compactors to crush trash so crews don't have to empty them as often.

'We had some cans that we were emptying twice a day,' said Sibyl Pappas, chief engineering and facilities officer at HRT.

Officials say the new containers can hold five times as much trash as the traditional cans and have room for advertising. They cost $4,350 each as opposed to the $500 cost of traditional trash cans.

HRT spokesman Tom Holden told says the cans were part of an environmental grant. He said the costs will be recovered in 2.9 years if no ads are sold.

Sensors indicate how full the can gets it is. A GPS wireless device provides location for on-line monitoring and management.

The cans are located at the NET and Thomas Nelson Community College transfer centers in Hampton, the centers at Ocean View and Evelyn T. Butts in Norfolk, at 19th Street and Pacific Avenue in Virginia Beach, and the Newtown Road light rail station - the locations are among the busiest of HRT stops.

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