NORFOLK-A Norfolk elementary school student is not in class after having a knife at school.

The Norview Elementary School student had the knife in his backpack last Thursday and students who saw it told a teacher, according to Norfolk Public Schools.

The student was taken to the office and officials removed the knife from his bag, police stated.

'We're proud of the children who turned him in,' said Norfolk Public Schools spokeswoman Elizabeth Mather.

Amos says the student didn't make any threats and charges are pending as the investigation continues.

The student could face suspension or expulsion.

Weapons/Dangerous Instruments
A student shall not possess, handle, or transmit a knife, razor, ice pick, explosive, sword, cane, machete, firearm, look-alike gun/toy gun, mace (or similar substance), air rifle, pistol, any projectile, taser, or other object that reasonably can be considered a weapon, or wear clothing or jewelry with slogans, symbols, or pictures depicting weapons, gangs, or criminal activity. Violation of this rule may result in suspension or expulsion. The rule does not apply to normal school supplies such as pencils or compasses or other objects unless they are used as weapons.

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