VIRGINIA BEACH-Dredging at Rudee Inlet begins Monday.

The Army Corps of Engineers will spend four days clearing the federal navigation channel.

The crew of the dredge Meritt, based out of Wilmington, N.C., will dredge about 20,000 cubic yards of material, which will be placed directly north of the entrance channel and inlet jetties.

This is routine operation and maintenance to the channel, spokeswoman Pam Spaugy told

The $78,000 project is 72 percent federally funded. Virginia Beach will fund the remaining 28 percent.

Army Corps officials say Rudee Inlet, on the Atlantic Ocean side in Virginia Beach, provides access to the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic for commercial fishing vessels, charter fishing boats, head boats and a wide range of private recreational vessels.

When possible, the district uses the dredged material from these projects for beach nourishment, habitat restoration, oyster ground restoration, marsh creation, or other beneficial uses, officials stated.

Dredging is expected to be complete Thursday.

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